Navratri Special Diet Plan/Weight Loss Diet Plan/Lose 4kg-5kg In 9 Days/FitnessBeautyMantra

Navratri Special Diet Plan/Weight Loss Diet Plan/Lose 4kg-5kg In 9 Days/FitnessBeautyMantra
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Navratri Diet Plan/Navratri Upvas Diet Plan

Navratri is a very popular festival in India. As the name, Navratri Nav means 9 in Sanskrit and Ratri means nights means people celebrate this festival for 9 nights or you can say 9 days. Within these 9 days people keep fast & eat fruits, veggies, without salt or they only use sendha namak(Rock salt) for 9 days & non grainy food items Although in these 9 people have the opportunity to utilize it to maintain their health & weight but people do just opposite of it and put on too much of weight instead of losing weight so I thought I should make a diet plan for Navratri which is easy to follow for people who keep fast for 9 days considering restricted food items & people who do not keep fast even they can follow this diet plan.

Weight Loss Lassi For Navratri

Weight Loss Lunch For Navratri Aaloo Chat

Weight Loss Lunch For Navratra Kuttu Ke Aante Ka Chila

Weight Loss Arbi Ki Puri

Weight Loss Spinach Soup for Navratri:

Veg Tomato Soup Dinner Recipe For Navratri

Navratri Special Healthy Sabudana Khichadi

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  1. I tried yesterday chia pudding it was delicious… Mam pl lunch ka koi or option hai… Cheela kha k thak gye.. Aloo ki chaat 1 din khayi thi.. Pl jaldi se lunch ka option de do… Please.. Please.. Please ?

  2. Hi mam… Navratre ke baad diet kesi rakhni hai. Ek dum se routine ka khana khane pr fir weight bad jaye ga so is ko maintain rkhne k liye b diet btaye

  3. To mujhe kuttu ka aata smjh me nhi aa rha hai… Or me clg girl hu to aloo chat me jb ghr pe rhungi tb hi kha skti hu to… To aap mere liye plz lunch me 1 or dinner me 1option denge jld se jld kyunki klse nvratra start hai… Or I m waiting for that 2options.. Or mere q k ans dene k liye thank u so much… Mai klse plan follow,krungi…

  4. Dinner me kuch or option milenge? Bcoz hum spinach or tomato,fast me nhi khate… Or evening tea sirf green tea li to chalega? 4-5 kg definately lose hoga na weight?

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